Market Information


At THE SOULFUL PANTRY, we are committed to bringing organic and natural pantry staples to our local community by means of farmers markets. As a regular market go-er over the years, I found myself living my best life in the sun on a Saturday, buying my fresh organic produce directly from the farmers and other goods from small business', only to make two or three other stops on the way home to buy my other needs such as organic rice, sugars, seeds...  all in plastic!


Our goal with this website is to be able to offer our fellow market go-er's a full range of all pantry items one would need with these added benefits:


  • compostable packaging (including our stickers)


  • very affordable organic products due to having no over-heads or shipping costs


  • having access to our full range of products - many of which we cannot bring to the markets due to limited space 


  • reduced carbon footprint from reducing online shopping and eliminating shipping


  • no payment required until collection 


  • ordering from home - no more forgetting what you need!


  • pre-order weeks in advance


  • pre-packed, weighed, priced and ready to go for quick collection on your busy Saturdays - no fuss!


  • and lastly, our favourite perk of the job, having relationships with our customers. Being at the markets each week means we are able to take on any feedback you may have, stock products you suggest and in return you will be supporting small businesses in your local community. 


All you have to do is head to our pre-order page, add as many organic products as you would like and select the weight and quantity of those items. Once your cart is complete, head to the check out page where you can view our market calendar dates. 


Type in your details, the market and date you wish to collect from, double check your cart and click CHECKOUT. Once we have received your order, you will receive a confirmation email and we will get to work on putting together your items. No payment or card details required! Quick, simple and best of all...soulful.