"It   is   more than  a tree"

Greening Australia began their conservation journey in 1982 and have done some incredible work since. 

Their environmentally driven practices have already restored thousands of hectares of natural habitat, protected endangered species and have offset tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon. They have a very well developed understanding of how to tackle Australia’s biggest environmental issues  and through their work, allow nature to thrive once again.

More than just planting trees! 

The remarkable work this organisation has already achieved is extraordinary and we are overjoyed to be able to contribute to this cause. As we grow, so will our donations - The Soulful Pantry will be contributing 1% of our profits to this cause every month from now on. We believe in every single goal they have thus far and we are genuinely looking forward to what looks like a brighter 2030 than we may have anticipated before.


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