To use this service, simply:
1. Check out the ingredients on offer for our closed loop service below this form
(if you would like a product that isn't listed below please add it anyway and if available we will add this to your invoice and deliver it as is)
2. Type in the comment section which products you would like (and whether you would like your container filled or a specific weight), please also describe which jar you would like filled with which product or label them beforehand
3. Leave your clean and labeled containers at your front door in a box
4. We will come and collect, refill and return your containers within 48 hours!
5. You will receive an invoice of your order (you won't pay for your container's weight)

That's it!
Feel great knowing you have done your health and Mother Earth a huge service by reducing waste and eating organically!


Thank you kindly! We will come and collect your jars on the date you selected, fill your jars, write your invoice and get back to you ASAP!