My name is Charlee - the founder of The Soulful Pantry.

I won't bore you with the details of my story but I will quickly explain how we got here! 

I live in Sydney, Australia and while I feel extremely blessed to be living in such a fortunate part of the world - I also feel as though we could be doing a hell of a lot better.

I have always had an undeniable passion for animals, our environment and the wellbeing of others my entire life however it has not shone through until recently. I have always felt too small in my busy city to make a difference and I am sure you have felt this way before as well.I did do my best - ate a plant based diet, recycled, visited the farmers markets over supermarkets, turned off all the light switches, drank from trendy metal straws but yet still felt an overwhelming sense of doom just looming as I know not everybody has the opportunities or is aware of sustainable living. 

We have all heard some of the horrific statistics, seen some terrifying videos online or just simply turned on the news to see yet another travesty unfolding in front of us. I know I may never single-handedly change this planet but I don't have to - I just have to do what I can within my means.

We want to be able to offer everybody the chance to eat sustainably, organically and without the need for any animal products, all the while being affordable, convenient and delicious. do we do that? 


Well, we started a pop up stall of bulk organic pantry staples in order to offer our community as much or as little as they want of any one item (without waste) and send it home with them in 100% compostable packaging. Something to feel good about! As we are a small local business, we are also able to be flexible with any suggestions or dietary restrictions you may have and we can cater to you directly - if we do not stock something that you love, let us know! We will do our absolute best for you always. 

Farmer's markets offer an abundance of fresh produce that is just the best of the best so why not grab yourself the second half of your shopping list at the very same market? You can feed your family of 14 or just yourself the most budget-friendly organic goodness served with a smile.


We are not here to change anybody's lifestyle choices or try and convince anybody of our beliefs, we are just here to bring you the most natural and conscious goods one could ask for in this modern world. 

We can't wait to see you! Thank you for your ongoing support.

With love,


PS - The other guy, he is just the heavy lifter who loves vegan burgers, our puppy Maisie and a chat!





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